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Infant Massage

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Aren't babies a wonderful way to start people?


Infant Massage

Want a happier, healthier baby?
Want a smarter, happier, better adjusted child?

Give your baby a massage!

Infant Massage Classes
By learning to massage your infant, you form an early bond that will help him through the rest of his life.


  • Tells your baby that she is loved, that she belongs, that she is beautiful.

  • Helps to develop a strong sense of self esteem, and knowledge of his place in the world.

  • Helps to reduce stress--believe it or not, we pass our stress on to our children.  And, by spending special massage time with your infant, you reduce your own stress as well!

  • Helps to develop balance and motor control.

  • A baby who has been massaged knows good touch, and is able to know and refuse 'bad' touch.

In a series of classes, you will learn to massage your infant, and communicate with him through your touch.  Massage can be a special time for both of you, when the world sits outside your door, and you both just relax.  Older siblings can get into the act, both though the benefits of receiving massage, and by helping you in the ritual of massaging the new baby.