Non-profit organization Labor of love.   Loving families through the delivery of their baby with Christ's Love!

I am so excited to tell everybody that Labor of Love Doula Program is already incorporated, and our Fictitious name is registered! We are a Non-profit organization!  We have our board members:  FOUNDER/PROJECT MANAGER:  Julie Thompson; Officers:  PRESIDENT,  Carissa Stearns; SECRETARY: Dr. Amanda Green;  TREASURER: Cristen Wilkins; and board members Liz Blick & Rebekah Windsor

Our first year of our program we served 23 women, 13 of which received a doula for no cost to them based on the sliding fee scale. 

We will be located at Praise!Fellowship 7451 Market Street,  Russell PA 16345

In Kind Lawyer:  Christine Kuntz

We are a 501c3 Non-profit organization as of May 6th, 2013.  We will then start applying for grants, do some fundraising, speaking engagements, and accept Donations! 

What I know for sure:  God's hand is in this and I have know for way too many years that I was to help our community in this way.  I was just overwhelmed by what it would take to start this program and then God made it known to me that I didn't have to do it alone.  All of the sudden doors started opening and next thing I knew Rick at Praise Fellowship offered the church as our home base, Christine Kuntz offered her services as our very own Lawyer, and nearly everyone I asked to be on the board has not only accepted, but also has a passion to help with our Labor of Love Doula Program to get up and running. 

Our motto is and Dona International's motto is:  A doula for every woman who wants one.

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