Dona International birth doula workshop

Satisfied Clients

For me, the most helpful part of the workshop was practicing the different positions with each other and practicing the "take charge" method. Information is easy to obtain. Having an experienced doula show you where to put your hands for a hip squeeze, or demonstrate what to say to a client in transition to help get them back into a rhythm was immensely helpful.

The connections I made with the other doulas in my class. One of them is now pregnant and hired me as her doula, and others have used me (and I've used them!) as back ups for births. 

I would absolutely recommend a DONA training with Julie. Julie was clear in her instruction, answered every question with respect (and sometimes humor), and was all around just a pleasant and fun instructor.  I have since joined a doula collective at a birth center in my city. If it had not been for attending this training, I likely would never have gotten the job.  I'm so glad Julie was my trainer!  Sunny P.


 "Julie did a fantastic job in the role she was in as instructor.  She kept us learning and knowing plus talking and sharing.  I am honored to be joining her in this wonderful field as a Doula through Dona."  Teresa

"I loved the videos!  This workshop was wonderful, inspiring, encouraging, empowering, and the best class ever!"  Whitney Rule

"This workshop was more than I expected.  You could see and hear the love for mothers in birth throughout the entire workshop.  I couldn't ask for anyone better as an instructor."  Lisa Truitt

"Julie showed much respect for DONA and we were made to feel very welcome and all were shown respect."  Kathleen Colburn

"Julie seems to know right where her place is between the client and the caregiver.  She is a great example to learn from and is very patient and a wonderful trainer!  I loved her!"