Evidence based birth

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Birth Doula


In life there are special days like your first day of school, graduation or getting married, etc. Most times we all have someone to support that special occasion. Why is birth any different? Labor can be very unpredictable, whether it is your first or fifth birth. Why not have a professional to empower and guide you in welcoming your baby to this world! Let me serve you.

  • Igniting confidence and power and helping you find your voice, helping your partner help you!

  • Breathing, relaxation, concentration

  • Different laboring positions

  • Coping techniques

  • Spinning Babies Info; Evidence Based Birth Info

  • Lactation support for a successful breastfeeding story!

  • As your Birth Doula I will offer a Childbirth Education ($85) either through zoom.us or in-person; at least 2 Prenatal Appointments; text & phone support 24-7;  Continuous one-on-one Support through the Entire Birth; Assist the partner to guide you; Certified Lactation Consult Support once Baby is born; Pictures of your choice at no extra charge; Stay with you one to two hours after the birth;  follow-up after birth and one last appointment to debrief the birth within a week of your birth.  Cost is $600.00 PLUS $55 THROUGH LABOR OF LOVE DOULA PROGRAM

  • Only serving 1 clients per month as I teach women to become Birth Doulas through DONA International also!

  • Watch for Medicaid to start paying for the doula's fees soon in PA.  Seven states are now paying for the doula's services through Medicaid already.