Birth Doula for your birth  cost $450.00

Whether this is your first birth or your 5th birth you still might want to consider a doula!  Birth Doulas are that continuous one-on-one support that helps the couple through their birth.  We would like to think that the nurses and midwives in the hospital could offer that continuous support but they have so many duties such as more than one woman in labor at the same time, paperwork and charting, medical duties, etc., and it is just impossible for them to be there continuously with you.  That is where the doula fits in.  We offer massage, aromatherapy, music therapy, support for the laboring mom and for the dad, education, support, discrete pictures of the event, birth story records, etc.  

If you have any questions as to what a doula does and does not do, please contact me at 814-512-2718. or email me at



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