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Labor of Love Doula PGM

Non-profit organization Labor of love.  
Loving families through the delivery of their baby with Christ's Love!

I am so excited to tell everybody that Labor of Love Doula Program is already incorporated, and our Fictitious name is registered! We are a Non-profit organization!  We have our board members:  FOUNDER/PROJECT MANAGER:  Julie Thompson; Officers:  PRESIDENT,  Alexandria James; SECRETARY, Dr. Hiral Patel;  TREASURER: Sabah Hashmi  and Vice President, Rebekah Windsor. Dr. Lucinda Marsh, Shelley Viola, Stephanie Bango, and Cristin Wilkins are also on our board.   Our doulas are Julie Thompson, Mary Hetrick, and Sparkel Odebralski.  

Our program has served about 70 women,  40 of which received a doula for no cost to them based on the sliding fee scale. 

In Kind Lawyer:  Christine Kuntz

We are a 501c3 Non-profit organization as of May 6th, 2013.  We will then start applying for grants, do some fundraising, speaking engagements, and accept Donations!   Every year we hold a Women's Tea as a fundraiser.  

What I know for sure:  God's hand is in this and I have know for way too many years that I was to serve our community in this way.  I was just overwhelmed by what it would take to start this program and then God made it known to me that I didn't have to do it alone.  All of the sudden doors started opening and next thing I knew Rick at Praise Fellowship offered the church as our home base, Christine Kuntz offered her services as our very own Lawyer, and nearly everyone I asked to be on the board has not only accepted, but also has a passion to help with our Labor of Love Doula Program to get up and running. 

Our motto is and Dona International's motto is:  A doula for every person who wants one!