Evidence based birth

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Pre-requisites to birth doula workshops

Before attending any of the posted workshops please Interview your mother or someone your mother's age about her own birth experiences and then bring that interview to the workshop.  

Also purchase the book The Birth Partner, 4th or 5th edition, Penny Simkin and begin reading it before the workshop.

Please read the Position Papers on the www.Dona.org website also.

Topics include:
  • The role of the doula
  • Scope of Practice and Code of Conduct for doulas
  • Working with other professionals as part of the team
  • Hands on comfort measures with time for practice and role play
  • Emotional support during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Understanding medications and medical interventions, and how a doula can help
  • Working with partners/dads
  • The postpartum period
  • Breastfeeding