Evidence based birth

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What my students are saying!

What my students are saying!

"This workshop was wonderful!!  I learned so much and feel so much more prepared!"

"Really Great delivery format.  I appreciated all the paperwork and resources."

"Julie was an amazing teacher!"

"Julie was exceptional!"

"Julie was a fantastic resource and leader throughout this workshop.  Her depth of knowledge and experience was invaluable."

"Julie's delivery of the content was great!"

"I hope to be half the doula Julie is:  She is a model doula and mother, and I feel honored to have had her as a mentor as I embark on this journey."

"Julie is a joy!  She is full of knowledge, wisdom of experience and a heart of love for women and babies.  She's enjoyable to listen to and communicate with.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning from her and getting to know her and the other women in my class.  Thank you!"

"I was impressed by all the knowledge she had!"

"She was friendly and Kind!  I enjoyed her company!"

" Julie is amazing at what she does! I feel honored to have been able to learn from her!"

" Julie was such a sweet heart and is a wonderful human and teacher! I hope she can be a continued resource to me as I pursue being a doula!"

" Julie is absolutely wonderful! Very knowledgeable and experienced. Her personality is genuine and sincere and her compassion is outstanding. Her passion shines through. This has motivated me to do all it takes to pursue this life purpose. I feel extremely prepared for my future doula career helping women of all walks of life to bring forth new generations. Thank you!"