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Baby's Grasp

DONA Birth Doula Workshops

About Me:  I love God, My hubby, Mark, the love of my life, of 46 years, Family,  my new pup, babies, beaches, my new home in Russell, gardening, canning, baking, the sunshine, reading, teaching, empowering families through birth, double rainbows, organic food, diversity, seeing my birth families grow as they go through life, shared stories, answering questions, Listening, missionary work, traveling to teach, geocaching with my Remy Gray, Sage Faryn, and Willow Logan, Oakley Lane, being in the woods, dancing just for the fun of it, running in the rain, and spending time with people. I know for sure I've never met a stranger!

More about the trainer Julie Thompson

I decided to become a DONA International birth doula trainer so I could also bring this International organization to Australia, Honduras, Mexico, Africa, and other countries along with trainings all over the USA.  I love conducting workshops and look forward to teaching them! I went on a Mission trip to Honduras to teach childbirth education, breastfeeding, and attended a few births! I have met many beautiful people in my workshops who share a passion for this work.  I have been a doula for 27 years, was designated the AdvCD(DONA) status in 2015, have been a certified postpartum doula 9 1/2 years, on the certification committee for DONA 19 years, a Childbirth educator at our local hospital for 8 years, an approved DONA birth doula trainer for 17 years, and a pregnancy massage therapist for 12 years and teach childbirth education to families through and in-person.    I am also certified as an Infant massage Instructor, and have been an instructor through Evidence Based Birth in the past. I feel blessed to have been taught by Penny Simkin, (One of the founders of DONA),  

If you would like to contact me please email me at or call me at 814-512-2718!


Check out too, a non-profit I founded in 2013 that helps every person use a doula in Warren county, PA and Chautauqua county, NY regardless of their income.

I recently gave 7 scholarships to women of color and one man in Africa for a birth doula workshop that was held Jan. 14-Feb 18, 2023.  Another big venture is to teach a virtual workshop in Brisbane, Queensland Australia in December 2023. 

Seven States are already paying for a doula's services through Medicaid:  Oregon, Minnesota, New Jersey, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, and now Virginia! NY was also just added, and PA is close! This is an exciting time to become a doula!


I am a Certified Lactation Consultant and I am excited to share this information with new families and new doulas.  

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